Overall Results for the Summer One Mile Series

2014MileSeriesAdvertOverall results for the Summer Mile Series…
Senior Male: 1 Robert Purcell Jnr Gneeveguilla AC, 2. Martin Dineen An Riocht AC, 3. Michael Culloty Gneeveguilla Ac
Junior Male: 1. Matthew Collins Gneeveguilla AC, 2. Conor O’Mahony Tralee Harriers, 3. David O’Keeffe Gneeveguilla Ac
Male over 40: 1. Niall Collins Unattached, 2. Donal Kelly Unattached, 3. Donal Reen Gneeveguilla AC
U10 Boys: 1. Eoin Kelly Gneeveguilla AC, 2. Sean O’Connor Gneeveguilla AC,
3. Brandon Burke Millstreet AC
U12 Boys: 1. Donal Burke Millstreet AC, 2. Ian Buckley Millstreet AC
U14 Male: 1. Francis Cronin Gneeveguilla AC
U16 Male: 1. Andrew Purcell Gneeveguilla AC

Senior Female: 1. Carol Finn Leevale AC, 2. Siobhan Daly An Riocht AC, 3. Niamh Clifford Star of the Laune AC, 4. Julie Purcell Unattached, 5. Clare Purcell Unattached, 6. Helena O’Riordan Unattached
Female Over 40: 1. Caroline McCarthy Unattached, 2. Mary O’Connell Gneeveguilla AC
Female Over 50: 1. Caroline Murphy Gneeveguilla AC, 2. Nora Flynn Gneeveguilla AC
U10 Girls: 1. Delia Foley Gneeveguilla AC, 2. Maeve Buckley Millstreet AC, 3. Danielle O’Riordan Gneeveguilla AC
U12 Girls: 1. Sadbh O’Connor Gneeveguilla AC
U14 Girls: 1. Orla Buckley Millstreet AC, 2. Emily O’Riordan Gneeveguilla AC


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