Overall results for the 2016 One Mile Series

The 5th and final race of the 2016 Summer One Mile Series was held in Gneeveguilla on Wednesday the 27th of July. A total of 62 runners took part and the top 3 were…
1 John Barrett O/50M Gneeveguilla AC 5:02
2 Robert Purcell Snr O/45M Gneeveguilla AC 5:05
3 Cormac Hickey Snr/M Riverstick 5:14
8 Shona O’Brien U/17F Gneeveguilla AC 5:28
10 Siobhan Daly Snr/F Gneeveguilla AC 5:47
17 Caroline Murphy O/50F Gneeveguilla AC 6:15
The full results of the Gneeveguilla race can be seen HERE
Photos…There are four galleries on our Facebook page…#1#2#3#4
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Series…Overall, it was another successful series with an average of 64 participants per race. The series also increased in size with the addition of a new race in Ballydesmond included as well.
This year, there were category prizes for those who completed 3 races and all 5 races.
Results of the Gneeveguilla AC Mile Series over 3 races. – Female
U/8 Female…1 Kate Culloty Gneeveguilla Ac
2 Niamh O’Connor  Rockchapel
U/11 Female…1 Maeve Buckley Millstreet AC, 2 Heather Culloty Gneeveguilla AC
U/14 Female…1 Sadbh O’Connor Gneeveguilla AC, 2 Maggie Buckley Millstreet AC
U/16 Female…1 Sarah Burke Millstreet AC, 2 Orlaith Buckley Millstreet AC
U/17 Female…1 Shona O’Brien Gneeveguilla AC
Senior Female…1 Siobhan Daly Gneeveguilla AC, 2 Lisa Buckley Mallow AC, 3 Helena Cullinane
O/35 Female…1 Mellissa Culloty Gneeveguilla AC
O/40 Female…1 Phylis Carroll Gneeveguilla AC, 2 Pauline Joseph FFMV
O/45 Female…1 Caroline McCarthy, 2 Deirdre Sheehan Millstreet AC, 3 Collette Mallon, 3 Mary O’Connor Rockchapel
O/50 Female…1 Caroline Murphy Gneeveguilla AC
Couch 2 5K…1 Hannah Kelliher
Results of the Gneeveguilla AC Mile Series over 3 races – Male.
U/10 Male…1 Adam Carroll Gneeveguilla AC, 2 John Scannell Gneeveguilla AC
U/12 Male…1 Jack Buckley Gneeveguilla AC
U/13 Male…1 Donnacha Murphy Millstreet AC
U/14 Male…1 Ian Buckley Millstreet AC
U/16 Male…1 Francis Cronin Gneeveguilla AC, 2 Hugo Barroux
Senior Male…1 Cormac Hickey Riverstick AC, 2 Tim Long An Riocht
O/35 Male…1 Eamon O’Keeffe Millstreet AC, 2 John Paul Buckley Mallow AC
O/40 Male…1 Fergal Barry Gneeveguilla AC, 2 Michael Culloty Gneeveguilla AC
O/45 Male…1 Seamus Murphy Gneeveguilla AC
O/50 Male…1 Padraig Sheehan Millstreet AC
Couch 2 5K…1 Mike Foley Gneeveguilla AC
Results of the Gneeveguilla Mile Series over 5 races – Female.
U/10 Female…1 Clara O’Connor Gneeveguilla AC
U/11 Female…1 Danielle O’Riordan Gneeveguilla AC
U/12 Female…1 Delia Foley Gneeveguilla AC
Senion Female…1 Marion Hickey, 2 Helena Breen
O/45 Female…1 Patricia Barry Millstreet AC, 2 Eileen O’Riordan Gneeveguilla AC
Couch 2 5K…1 Una Thompson, 2 Margaret Bradley
Results of the Gneeveguilla Mile Series over 5 races – Male.
Overall winner of the series is John Barrett, Gneeveguilla AC
U/8 Male…1 Emmett O’Connor Gneeveguilla AC
U/9 Male…1 Oisin O’Leary Gneeveguilla AC, 2 Brandon Burke Millstreet AC
U/14 Male…1 Jack O’Leary Gneeveguilla AC
U/15 Male…1 Donal Daly Gneeveguilla AC
U/18 Male…1 Andrew Purcell Gneeveguilla AC
O/45 Male…1 Robert Purcell Snr Gneeveguilla Ac, 2 John Guerin Gneeveguilla AC, 3 Der O’Connor unatt, 3 Dan Burke Millstreet AC
O/50 Male…1 John Barrett Gneeveguilla AC
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